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Recent Successes

I'm  amazed  how easily  this  worked  for  me.  I  left  and  haven't  thought  of  a  cigarette  since,  it  seems  much  longer  than  it  is  since  I  quit  smoking.   Anna  R.,  Sydney.

Your  work  changes  lives.  My wife  and  I  are  so  grateful.  S. Clark,  Sydney.

I  have  been a  smoker  for  30  years  up  to  30  cigarettes  a day, since  I was  18.  I would never  have believed  hypnosis  would  work  for  me.  I  am  overwhelmed by my  achievement,  so  happy.  Rosie  is  v  skilled.   L.  Russo,  Sydney.

 My results  have  been amazing,  and  it  all  started  with  quitting  smoking  with  Rosie. I  could  see  that  through  her  tailored techniques she  could  do  more  for  me beyond  that.  D. O'Brien.

Well  over  a  month  without  smoking,  thank  you  deeply!  X    N.  Watkins,  Sydney.

After smoking for 35 years up to 2 packets of cigarettes a day, Rosie's NLP was amazing. I have not had a puff of a cigarette, nor wanted to have one since my one and only session with Rosie 9 years ago.I had no withdrawal symptoms and have not craved a cigarette from the day I had NLP. If I can give up smoking, anyone can with this great process.Thanks Rosie. I feel better, I do not smell of cigarettes any more and am much better off financially and in health.  E. Condack,  Sydney.

Rosie's expertise was responsible for helping me quit smoking after 23 years. She was professional and persistent in helping me face the reasons for my habit and breaking that habit once and for all. I am happier and healthier thanks to Rosie.  B. Dousha,  Sydney.